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Crash's Blog

Crash's Blog September 2015

"Sometimes I get bored of the scene here. I've said 'hello' to everyone I need to. I've explored all the hallways and rooms to my satisfaction. So no, I sit here in repose, staring out the window. What IS out there??

I occasionally get a whiff of sweet air when someone opens the door. I see trees and mountains in the distance. I see a limitless sky. Why won't they let me out there? Why won't they let me be wild and free? Of the places I would go and the things I would do! I would climb ALL the trees and chase all the squirrels! My claws would always be sharp and my body would become lean and agile. I would be a different cat than I am now, that's for certain. I would be King!

If only I were free to live in a world in which I could be all that I could be. My spirit would soar!

Hark! Wait...what's that noise? Oh, it's the crackle of my snack bag being opened. Off I go! Goodbye trees, sky and freedom....for now. Everything in life is a trade-off after all."