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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the use of plants or plant derivatives found in nature and have been used to successfully treat animals in China for at least 5,000 years. Chinese herbs can be used alone or combined with other holistic or traditional treatments. These herbal medications come in a variety of forms including pills, liquids, or tablets. At Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital, we can help you find the method of treatment that works best for your dog or cat.

Chinese Herbal Medicines have been developed for the management of many conditions including epilepsy, chronic kidney failure, chronic lameness, hormonal disorders, behavioral disorders, allergic skin disease, liver failure and inflammatory bowel disease.

Using whole plants or their extracts may produce improved outcomes and fewer side effects. Herbal therapies can help boost your pet’s body’s immune system, relieve pain, prevent and fight infections, reduce inflammation, inhibit tumor growth, and relieve cancer therapy side effects.

Our veterinarians can begin treatments using Chinese Herbal Medicine after performing a thorough examination and performing any additional diagnostic testing that may be necessary for your pet’s diagnosis. If you would like further information about herbal medicine and how it can help your pet, please call us at 303-494-7877.