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General Surgery

At Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital, our trained veterinarians perform both routine and advanced surgical procedures. When you entrust your pet to us for surgical procedures, you can rest assured that your companion will be receiving the most advanced care from surgeons who are highly skilled and use the most modern tools available. We take several steps to minimize the stress involved during surgery day, and to ensure that your pet’s surgery is as safe and easy as possible.

Pre-surgical Physical Exam - Every patient receives a full pre-surgical physical exam to obtain a full understanding of his or her medical history.

Pre-anesthetic Bloodwork – Our surgeon will perform a pre-anesthetic blood panel in order to tailor the anesthetic protocol to each patient.

IV Catheter & IV Fluids - Surgical patients will receive an IV catheter and IV fluids the day of their surgery to help support the heart and kidneys.

Vital Sign Monitoring - Patients are monitored by a highly trained veterinary technician for key vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and respiratory function.

Pain Management - Every surgical patient receives a pain and sedative medication before and during the surgery to ensure his or her safety and comfort.

Compassionate Care - Our staff is hired and trained for their special understanding and compassion for our patients. Each one of our patients will have personal, attentive care from the moment they enter our hospital to the moment they go home that evening.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after your pet’s surgery - we are always here to help!