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Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Bella & Huckleberry2018-02-01
I love my brown fur babies! We added Huckleberry to the family when Bella was 8 years young. When we were debating names for the little guy I put it up for a vote on BNH's facebook page and the name Huckleberry won! Thanks guys!
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Hallie Kilbourne2017-08-01
My corgi Hallie,15 years old, came here for acupuncture, acupuncture with laser and electro-acupuncture. Hallie loved coming here to get her yummy 2 jars of frozen chicken baby food during treatments....then her often wonderful increased ability to walk all over the facility checking every room. Even when her DM like symptoms would not respond any more her job was to drag her backend as far as she could to check for jars staff may have misplaced! She had no fear of Boulder Natural.
Hallie lost her battle on July 29th in my arms with Dr Patterson. All the staff here, the vets and techs, are incredibly compassionate and they have, often lacking in veterinary medicine, empathy.
Thank you so much. You all are in my wishes for happiness and peace in your deserve it.
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Bali & Koda2017-03-12
Our two little ones love their new vet!
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Yes, my name is Kitnz$, and it's pronounced just like it's spelled.

I was outside in December of 2014 in the freezing rain. I found a family of humans on that day and I allowed them to take care of me. We moved to Boulder this year because I prefer the weather here and one of my humans wanted to attend college here. I have an older adopted sister who is a norwegian forest cat and we love to chase each other around when everyone is sleeping.
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Max is a wheaten colored Cairn Terrier. I showed him to championship and he received his AKC championship in 2009. MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH, he is my baby boy--my buddy for life! Terriers are 'earth dogs' and Max is no different! He loves to dig earth dog holes and chase critters as this is what he and his partners in crime were bred to do. Dr. Stacey takes great care of Max and he loves
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Spankey would like to say thank you to all the staff at Boulder's Natural Animal Hospital.
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Blackers showed up as a feral cat in North Boulder. After 8 months of coaxing we were able to touch him. He's been a great, though somewhat headstrong companion cat. Blackers is now 12 and suffering from renal failure. With care from Dr. Adams he has been able to add 3 more adventursome years to his life that he would have missed. In his spare time Blackers enjoys mousing, sleeping and chasin
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Joe showed up one day in our old horse barn. I noticed right away one eye was pretty much gone. Joe was trapped under our feral cat program, but when I went to release him I realized he was shy, but not feral. A year later, Joe has had his eye removed and is very happy to have a new home with us. I think Joe and Dr. Adams will become good friends over the years to come, as Joe seems to be somewhat
Boulders Natural Pet Gallery
Lucky and Maude2014-10-23
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  • "I have been with dr takahashi for years and followed her to this practice because she is so wonderful. This is the best most caring practice I have ever experienced. They treat every pet as if it were their own."
    Katherine C. - Google Review
  • "Very caring place... Our 13yr old cat had tooth extraction & cleaning. Dr. Liv Brockmann explained procedure very well & followed up after surgery, along with a follow up the next day from vet-tech. Office is in Boulder, we live in Brighton... Always worth the drive for our pets"
    Jerilyn E. - Google Review
  • "My young lab had a grown on his side, which Dr. Takahashi biopsied. It turned out to be a cancerous tumor. I am so thankful for Dr. Takahashi’s going the extra mile to not only diagnose the cancer. But for a successful surgery. I appreciate her professional, compassionate care for my little dog."
    Susan B. - Google Review
  • "I love Dr. Brockman and all the Docs at Boulder's Natural Animal. The care is unbelievable - following up after an appointments, returning phone calls, loving my animals as much as I do. Taking the time to explain what's going on with my animals. Thank you Dr. Brockman and Team - we love you. Alison, Cheli, Finnie & The Tig"
    Lesley K. - Google Review

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