Take 'Em To "The Back"

The Not-so-scary Treatment Room

At some point in the life of your furry loved one you’ll hear those scary words from your veterinary professional, “We’re just going to take Fido to the Treatment Room to ____________. We’ll have him back to you in a jiffy!”

At Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital we know how unsettling it can be for us humans to watch our little four-legged buddies walk away to the unknown. That’s why we’re writing this article – to let you in on a little secret of the veterinary world. That is, the Treatment Room is actually not that scary!

What is the Treatment Room Anyway?

Every veterinary hospital has a Treatment Room – it’s basically the heart of the hospital. It typically has treatment tables, a variety of “tools of the trade”, and kennels for hospitalized or recovering patients. At Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital our Treatment Room is a large, well-lit space where much of our wellness-work is done.

Treatment Room at Boulders Natural Animal Hospital

If a pet needs to have blood drawn, a nail trim or something tended to like a cut or ear infection it is typically done in our Treatment Room.

Why Does My Pet Need to Be Treated in the “Treatment Room”?

There are several things that make the Treatment Room the best place in the hospital to provide the highest level of care.

Believe it or not, the first reason is that you are not there. As good “pet parents” most of us have a natural belief that our pets will handle the stresses of healthcare best if we are there to soothe them – the truth is the vast majority of pets do best when “Mom” and “Dad” are not actually around. Experience has shown that the majority of pets are less stressed when separated from their guardians. A less-stressed pet is easier to handle thus significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to treat them. That’s a big plus!

Another value of the Treatment Room is that all the tools we need are within easy reach. Most veterinary hospitals do not have exam rooms large enough to house all the “tools of our trade” so many of them are kept in the Treatment Room. Having easy access to them allows your veterinary professionals to efficiently treat your pet. Another big plus!

Laslty, the Treatment Room is where most of your veterinary professsionals such as Certified Veterinary Technicians and Technician Assistants can be found. Having “all those hands on deck” also adds to the efficiency which further decreases the time your pet is being treated. Another big plus!

What if I really don’t want my pet to go to the treatment room?

There are exceptions to most any rule so many veterinarians will allow your pet to receive their treatment in your presence – but keep in mind that this may add stress to everyone involved including the veterinarian, the professional staff, you and your pet.

We hope this helps you see our Treatment Room (in “the back”) as less scary!

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