Digital X-Ray Factoids

Boulder’s Natural Animal Veterinary Hospital is so excited to be FULLY DIGITAL! We now have digital x-ray for all radiographs!

Digital X-ray is a filmless form of radiography. When we use digital x-ray a special sensor sends the x-ray image to a computer. Here is what our brand new dental digital x-ray machine looks like:

Digital Dental X-Ray Machine Boulders Natural Animal Hospital

And here is our new full-sized digital x-ray setup:

Digital Dental X-Ray Machine Boulders Natural Animal Hospital

What are the advantages?

  • Less X-ray exposure!
    • The computer sensor for digital x-ray doesn’t require the levels of x-ray exposure that film does
  • Less anesthesia time!
    • Since digital x-ray is so quick and we don’t need to develop any film your pet spends less time under anesthesia
  • Better medicine!
    • Digital x-ray gives us an image quality far superior to traditional film giving us more diagnostic power and allowing us to discover disease sooner and with more accuracy
  • Instant Access for Consultations!
    • With our new digital x-ray setup we can instantly email your pet’s x-rays to a board certified radiologist or other specialist for consultation – and we get results from them in less than 4 hours!
  • Better for the environment!
    • With no film to develop we eliminate the harsh chemicals required to develop the film

With DIGITAL dental x-ray, instead of this:

We get THIS! -

With digital x-ray for our full sized x-ray machine the image quality difference is just as profound!