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Anesthesia at BNA

Leaving your furry friend at the hospital for surgery can be a stressfull event for both you and your pet. At Boulder’s Natural Animal we take that very seriously. To minimize that stress and make a surgery day as safe and easy as possible we take several steps:

Pre-surgical Physical Exam

  • The strongest foundation of good medicine is a good understanding of a patient’s history and a thorough physical exam. Every surgical patient at BNA receives a full pre-surgical physical exam from the surgeon.

Pre-anesthetic Bloodwork

  • Although modern anesthesia is extremely safe, the more knowledge our doctors have regarding the unseen organ function of our patients the safer anesthesia can be. To that end, all surgical patients at BNA receive a pre-anesthetic blood panel to allow the surgeon to tailor the anesthetic protocol to each individual.

IV Catheter & IV Fluids

  • Strong heart function and efficient kidneys are key to quality anesthesia. All surgical patients at BNA receive an IV catheter and IV fluids the day of their surgery to help support the heart and kidneys. This allows us to use less anesthetic gas.

Vital Sign Monitoring

  • During surgery, a keen awareness of a patient’s internal organ function allows the anesthetist to personalize the anesthetic gas to each individual. At BNA, all surgical patients are monitored by a highly trained Veterinary Technician for key vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperatue and respiratory function.

Pain Management

  • Given the tools available to modern veterinary surgeons we believe very strongly that no patient should experience pain. At BNA, every surgical patient receives a pain and sedative medication well before the surgery even begins to prevent “wind-up”. Pain medication is also available during and after surgical procedures to make sure that each furry patient is as comfortable as possible.

Advanced Training

  • Part of our general philosophy at BNA is to always seek to improve – our medicine, our service, our skills. When you entrust your pet to us for surgical procedures your furry friend will be receiving the most advanced care from surgeons who are as up-to-date and talented as possible and using the most modern tools available. We will always strive to be the best at what we do.

Compassionate Care

  • Our staff is hired and trained for their special understanding and compassion for our patients. Surgical patients spending the day with us will have personal, attentive care from the moment they enter our hospital to the moment they go home that evening.